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  • Prasad C A

Niamh Fitzgerald's Keeper Trial is the best mission in Hogwarts Legacy!

The road to this mission and (this) mission covers some of our favorite moments from the Wizarding world.

When I think about Harry Potter, some events from the movies are hard to forget. It is because of the performance, the visual effects, and the nostalgia from seeing it for the first time. The mission "The Polyjuice Plot" and "Professor Niamh Fitzgerald's Keeper Trial" cover some of the events.


#1: Nostalgia is a powerful tool for creating immersion

The mission covers the Polyjuice potion and the Deathly Hallows.

The game utilizes the systems perfectly to accommodate these elements of storytelling and the quest design.

The polyjuice potion had a significant impact on the movies. There has been a hilarious introduction of Harry transforming into Goyle, the sinister transformation of Barty Crouch Jr, and hilarious Ministry employees.

The deathly hallows are the most critical element in the world. The three brothers and their gift from Death created the most powerful things to ever exist in the world. All three covered a big part of the story - Invisible Cloak, Resurrection Stone, and the Elder Wand.

The game perfectly captures these events with the systems already introduced to the players.

#2: The Polyjuice Plot

Why is this mission interesting? "Polyjuice Potion."

Players can use this potion to become the hated Headmaster Black and finish this mission.

Players are transformed using the potion, but the best part is you can learn and sabotage the Headmaster's relationship on your way to the quest. The only cool thing that would have been here would be if that had real consequences. If that's not a hilarious and immersive way to get the player, I don't know what else you can do.

On your way, you learn that the Headmaster has boils. You can make a student deliver the antidote for that (I would have loved to see the real Headmaster's reaction to it), make Professor Kagawa into filing a disciplinary action against the Headmaster (I would have loved to see that as well), and even help Professor Fig's status by giving him more freedom.

There's also this final conversation with your house elf to learn the password. I would have loved to see to mess something up with the Headmaster's personal life or release the house elf from their duties.

#3: Professor Niamh Fitzgerald's Keeper Trial

This quest featured a unique art style and covered the Deathly Hallows. For me, this was the best quest in the game! (Maybe the PS Exclusive mission "Minding your own business" needs some props, but everyone gets to experience this mission).

The game introduces an entirely new art style - the entire game changes to a Black and White Cell shaded art style, including the player character.

It introduces Death and its minions. Then, you are asked to find your way past them.

What's the best way to introduce an already existing mechanic into connecting with a deathly hallow? The answer is STEALTH. The Disillusionment spell already exists in the game, the Invisible Cloak does the same thing - which made it easier for them to connect with a game mechanic.

You are asked to stealth past enemies before introducing the Cloak, and there are possibilities of getting caught because it's a weaker spell compared with the Cloak.

The game makes you wear the Cloak and easily walk past the deathly minions.


If that's not cool, what is? You get to battle waves and waves of powerful enemies, but wielding the elder wand should be easier for you to defeat them with an increased ancient magic charge rate.

The game utilized combat with the wand and made it flow properly from stealth to combat.

I somehow felt sharper here with this art style; I was dodging my way out quickly in this cell-shaded style than usual tone. I wonder whether my focus aligned more because of the mission material or the art style.

And you get to use the Resurrection stone at the very end in Niamh Fitzgerald's tomb to finish the quest, thus utilizing all three deathly hallows to complete her quest. This was a unique experience from other Keeper trials. I liked this story-driven mission more than puzzle-oriented trials.

Experiencing something from books/movies like the Polyjuice potion and Deathly Hallows created a better mission experience for me than simple puzzle-solving quests. It's the same effect when you play your favorite sports game or control your favorite player in a sports game - the immersive experience of being in their shoes.


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