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  • Prasad C A

Horizon Forbidden West - Quest Idea #1

Objective Promoting SHIELDWING GLIDER usage and teaching them with a situation.

Where to implement?

- After the introduction of Shieldwing Glider, reestablish to the player about the use of the glider in the form of fun race.

- There's a lot of side mission that takes the player to the top of a steep surface and accompanied by a companion - USE THE COMPANION.

- The side mission ends mostly at the top or you have to meet them back at their base (which opportunity for player to fast travel).

- We can add one small segment here, a friendly race either initiated by the companion or Aloy herself.


- Race the companion

- Game presents a clear path to the objective by the companion running on the road.

How do we remind the player to use Glider? - Aloy informs the player that SHE CAN USE GLIDER TO REACH THE GOAL EASILY.

- We won't be forcing the players to use glider but this would be a good opportunity to initiate from our end.

Potential opportunity

- Player gets to experience the beautiful environment, skybox gliding down.

- Narrative opportunities to talk about the view, glider, safe passage down and the race.


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