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  • Prasad C A

Horizon Forbidden West - Quest Idea #2

Objective Promoting the usage of STEALTH in the game using side missions.

Where to implement?

- After helping out a settlement, one of the clan member can start this quest.

- The game can re-use a previously introduced character for familiarity purpose or introduce a new one for this mission.

- The purpose of the mission is to tag all companions roaming (around like an enemy AI) without being seen.

- Get close to them and press R1 to tag them - same as Silent Kill.

- The game ends with tagging everyone or get caught while sneaking.


- Quest starts the player on the border of the game area - outside of the AI's POV.

- Players can tag AI's path using the focus and tag them one by one.

- Each AI follows a route (and their route can be merged to provide challenge).

- Players can use arrows to distract AI, activate stealth mechanics like pod or vents.

- Players are only given limited arrows and stones for a bigger challenge.

How do we remind the player to STEALTH? - Companion gives the entire rules run through before your start.

- During the event, UI text indication reminding players about grass, vents and flower pods.

Potential opportunity

- Player gets to experience a different set of stealth mission that requires tagging instead of killing.

- Narrative opportunities for additional conversations with companions.

- By mastering this, helping them in the longer run during main missions.


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